Hi, I’m Richard Albert, a composer & song writer based in Wuppertal, Germany. Find me on YouTube, SoundCloud & Instagram. See ya around!

Though I’m mainly a composer, I wear many hats, being involved in numerous roles such as: music video director, problem solver, musical brand consultant and idea creation. I’m an open, collaborative person, able to create strong, artistic visions, based on your film’s or businesse’s needs.

Todays technology is my key, not only to produce professional music, but also to work together with you, no matter where in the world you are. In the last decade I’ve been passionately working together with creative people from Los Angeles, New York, Havana, Paris, London, Berlin or Cairo.

Feel free to get in touch with me right now!


Budapest Short Cut Film Festival – Best Original Score
Crystal Pine Award – Best original score | short (nomination)
Tracks Music Awards – Best Score for a film
Indie Press Award – Best Audio Book

Jerry Goldsmith Award, „Best Song for a Film“ (nominated)
Paris Arts and Movie Awards, „Best Song for a Film“ (nominated)
American Tracks Music Award semi finalist, category „Best film score“

American Tracks Music Award, category „Best song for a film“

German Film Music Award (nominated)
The Marshall Hawkins Awards – Best Musical Score – Feature (nominated)

Jerry Goldsmith Award, Film Music Festival Úbeda (nominated)

European Talent Award (nominated)
Jerry Goldsmith Award, Film Music Festival Úbeda (nominated)

European Talent Award (nominated)