Richard Albert composer & songwriter

Richard Albert, based in the hills of Wuppertal, Germany, is a composer and songwriter. He paints with sound, humbly sharing his musical tapestry with the world.

On Screen: Movies like ‘The Bone Box’ and ‘Hell’s Kitty’ found their home on the big screen and on Amazon Prime Video, sharing his artistry with a broader audience.

Globally connected: Richard’s scores have graced four feature films from the U.S.A. as well as more than 50 short films premiered at renowned international festivals, from Berlinale to the Bram Stoker Festival, Festival Max Ophüls Preis, and Hollyshorts in L.A. His compositions have transcended borders, finding harmony with directors in metropolises like Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Havana, Manila, Prague, and Berlin, a global voyage that enriches his creative melody.

Awards & Honors: Richard received the American Tracks Awards (2018 & 2023) as well as In 2023, he was nominated for the notable Crystal Pine award, adding to his previous nominations at the German Film Music awards (2016) and the Jerry Goldsmith Awards (2011, 2013, 2019).

Orchestral Harmony: His compositions resonate through collaborations with the Czech National Symphony Orchestra, the Budapest Strings and the London Strings, the latter brought to life within the hallowed walls of Angel Studios.

Music & Interaction: In the heart of Paris, at  the yearly IRCAM forum workshops 2017 – 2019, Richard Albert delved into the interplay of music and computer sciences, sharing insights in public talks about music interaction and creativity enhanced by technology.

Sound Innovation: His pioneering spirit is seen in ‘Sennheiser Drum Mic’a,’ a virtual drumkit for KONTAKT embraced by the music world.

A Scholar’s Path: Richard’s journey includes a scholarship at Filmsound Hamburg in 2011 and wisdom gleaned from masterclasses with industry giants like Patrick Doyle and Marcel Barsotti.