Richard Albert is regularly being cited as one of the world’s most attractive men. Okay that’s not true. But what is true: Richard Albert is an internationally working film composer and song writer. Since 2007 Richard worked with awesomely creative people from metropolises like Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Havana, Cairo or Berlin. His feature film credits contain the horror-comedy Hell’s Kitty (USA; 2018; starring Doug Jones, Bill Oberst Jr. and Michael Berryman), the horror drama Hide in the Light (USA; 2018) and the dark comedy The Last Night Inn (USA; 2016).

In his solo works he combines everyday sounds with classical instruments, ranging from ‘Piano Vs Fridge’ to ‘The epic dishwasher’ where he let perform 22 string players to a beat created out of dishwasher sounds. Together with L.A. based director Nicholas Tana, Richard has created the crazy punkrock song ‘Chainsaw Kitty’ which has won an American Tracks Award ‘Best Song for a Film’. The song also got nominated for various other international awards, like the Paris Art and Movie Awards or the Jerry Goldsmith Awards.

Besides film music and songs he did the music for commercials and developed international audio trademarks for prestigious brands. It’s his lifetime task to find new sounds – new musical spices with an unusual but beautiful character.

Richard lives in Wuppertal, Germany.


Jerry Goldsmith Award, „Best Song for a Film“ (nominated)
Paris Arts and Movie Awards, „Best Song for a Film“ (nominated)
American Tracks Music Award semi finalist, category „Best film score“

American Tracks Music Award, category „Best song for a film“

German Film Music Award (nominated)
The Marshall Hawkins Awards – Best Musical Score – Feature (nominated)

Jerry Goldsmith Award, Film Music Festival Úbeda (nominated)

European Talent Award (nominated)
Jerry Goldsmith Award, Film Music Festival Úbeda (nominated)

European Talent Award (nominated)